AfordThe official site of the turtle comic strip “Aford” which follows the adventures of Aford T. Turtle and his forest pals!. Daily comic strips, history, character info, and more!

Journal of Nursing Jocularity by Karyn Buxman – Whatever the source of stress, the results can be costly! But the good news is, laughter is the best medicine. Karyn combines her skills as a health professional, storyteller, and humorist to wow audiences across the nation.

Kim and Jason – Remember what it was like being a kid by following the antics of Kim and Jason, a comic strip created by Jason Kotecki!

Medical World Cartoons Medical cartoons up the… well, I’ll be nice and not say it.

MedMasterMedical school made ridiculously simple

Notable Nurses – profiles, biographies and photographs of remarkable and extraordinary nurses.

Nursing Directory – comprehensive directory of nursing resources and information.

The Nurse Chronicle РEstablished in 2013, The Nurse Chronicle is the source for news about nurses, nursing and the nursing profession.

Nurse-Recruiter.ComA web site devoted to bringing health care employers and the nursing community together. Here you will find jobs for RNs, LPNs, CNAs, other nursing allied health job postings and more

Nursesaregreat.comA business providing a variety of services including teaching CPR, Consulting for health care settings on various education and practice issues, LNC work, publishing and review work.

OFAAABCOccupational First Aid Attendants Association of British Columbia

QfeverYour #1 Source for Healthcare Misinformation, a biweekly healthcare humor webzine. Remember Quality without the Q is just uality! VERY FUNNY!!

Real Nurse Photos РPhotos of real nurses.  Submit your photo to help us show the world the real image of nursing. – Nursing Resources on the web, humour, netiquette and a non-academic approach to nursing.

Too Live Nurse – humorous musical products for nurses and other healthcare professionals. Review photos and descriptions of items, then place an order

Ultimate NurseUltimate! The Ultimate Online Connection for Nurses! Articles on nursing and the health care industry from top magazines.